Texas – Who Turned Off the Heat?!

Happy New Year!!!!

I tell you what, the weather can be interesting to say the least. Any time I’ve been in Texas, it’s always been mild to hot, anywhere in the state. But, I just traveled across the state from El Paso to Houston on I-10, and the highest it’s been is in the high 30’s over the last couple days. Did someone forget to pay the gas bill?! Brrrrr!!

I hit El Paso just before sunrise, so I could see Mexico for a couple miles, literally within rock throwing distance. The last time I was that close to the border was in Laredo a few years ago. I haven’t looked at my video footage yet, but I might have a decent view of Juarez from I-10. I wanted to stop to take some photos, but there wasn’t a safe place to do so. I did grab one of the view at sunrise, just outside the city.

One thing I love about this state when I’m just driving through for work is the rest areas. Most of them are big, well lit, updated and well maintained. Unfortunately, I must first say the one I took my break at on Sunday was not one of them and was like a glorified outhouse, with open air restrooms and the roof only covering half of them. But, they were building a new one just behind it and looked like it should be opening soon. To make up for the outhouse stop, I stopped at a modern one outside of San Antonio, and it had some interesting things about the history of the area to check out. I didn’t have the time to really explore, but I grabbed a couple photos of what was inside.

Unfortunately, I was going through San Antonio at around 2:00am, and had been up most of the night already, so I didn’t stop and explore. I also wanted to get through Houston before the traffic started getting bad. So, maybe next time! Add to that, I’m in a semi and parking isn’t exactly plentiful near downtown. But, I could have gotten a Lyft or Uber from a truck stop 15min. to the east.

Now, after fuel, lunch and a shower, I’ve shut down about 15min. from my destination in Baytown, TX. I probably won’t know what direction I’m headed until 01/03 after midnight.

So, until then, I need to clear some storage space on my devices and get some video done for my other site.

–Insert catchy tagline here– LOL

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