RVing – Did a walk through at the Dayton RV show

When I was home this past weekend, the kids and I went out to the Dayton RV show. Pretty much, I had one goal in mind, take a look at the Grand Design Imagine 2800BH, and so I did. I was still feeling under the weather, so I didn’t spend a lot of time at the show. We went long enough to see the RV I’m interested in, looked at a couple other brands, and then headed home. It was probably a waste of $10 to get in the show when I could have visited the local dealer for free, but I wanted to compare a couple brands they don’t sell, so it wasn’t a total loss.

I posted photos of the interior on the Facebook page, but I wanted to post them here as well, along with my thoughts. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any outside shots, but in my defense, I was sick and wasn’t thinking clearly!

When I first saw this model online, I didn’t think I would be a fan of the dark wood color, but after seeing it in person, it really grew on me. I really liked the frosted glass look of the cabinet doors and the simple brushed hardware. And, since it would primarily be only me, there is plenty of storage in the kitchen for the necessities, you know, like wine glasses and beer mugs, haha! But seriously, after I downsize from what’s in my current home, it would be a breeze packing my stuff in this rig, and still have room for my kids stuff when they come hang out. I like how the fabric of today’s RVs are more neutral, and gone are the days of that 90’s pink or green carpet and odd patterns that are impossible to match with anything. The door off of the bedroom is something that would have to grow on me I guess. There is a second door by the bunks though, so it’s not a deal breaker issue. The bathroom was your typical travel trailer bathroom in layout, but the size seemed a little bigger, and the shower can accommodate an actual human. Plenty of storage in there as well for a single dude, or even a small family. And of course, my daughter loves the bunks, mostly because the mattresses had teddy bears on them and were really soft. She loves her stuffed animals!

And now the price. The model on display had all of the upgrade packages that Grand Design offers on the 2800BH, so the retail is $36k, but I believe the dealer near me has them at $33-34k. I wish I would have been ready to buy so I could get the show price, but it’s just not the time yet. But, after walking through this one, I’m pretty much sold on it. It will just be closer to the end of the season before I can buy, but that might leave the option open to get a better price, or a new model for 2019.

So, we’ll see what happens this fall.

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