It’s More Than Just a Passport

Photo by Jeremy Dorrough on Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Dorrough on Unsplash

For some, getting a passport is just a matter of just getting a passport, most likely for travel abroad for business, with very little time to go out of the office or hotel and experience what their new location has to offer. But, to others, like me, it’s the key that opens the door to exploring the rest of the world, and has more significance than anyone can imagine.

While I have travelled to many places since I was a baby, I have never been outside of the contiguous United States. I have seen every state, the three coasts, and north and south boarders either on vacation, or while working as a truck driver, hauling freight across the country.

For years, I had always dreamed about flying to some foreign country, to see a far off place that was nothing like where I live. But, I was not always in a place in life to take that kind of a trip, even across the borders of Canada or Mexico. Or, at least I kept telling myself I didn’t think I was. I’ve decided to make 2018 my year. No more excuses, no more thinking that international travel is out of the question, and no more hanging out in my comfort zone in the states.

So, this month, in April of 2018, I started the process to get my passport, submitted my paperwork and photo. There are so many places on my list to see while I’m still healthy and can make the trips easily.

I listen to a lot of podcasts while I drive, some of them being somewhat inspirational, some are just about business or one of my many interests. One theme, or take-away I get from most of them is START. This process of getting my passport is one of my “START projects” on my list for this year. Starting this blog and website is one other I wanted to do. It comes down to just get going, do what inspires you. Find what you love to do, either a hobby or a source of income, and make it happen in the most logical way you can. Never give up on your goals and dreams. They ARE possible to reach.

Now that I’ll have my passport, where do i want to go? Well, my list is extensive, and you could narrow it down by just saying I have all 7 continents in mind. But, the top 5 countries of my list include:

  • Japan
  • Ireland – This trip would most likely include all of the UK.
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Mexico

The goal for any trip is to be able to stay a minimum of two weeks. I also want to make sure I am able to bring my kids with me, although I wont be able to on my trip to Japan.

So, in saying all that, I want to know, what are your travel goals? Are you on track to reach those goals? Where do you dream of going? Post your answers in the comments, I’d love to connect with my readers.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! I hope you found it entertaining, and possibly inspiring. I ask that you pass any of my posts along to everyone you know that might enjoy my ramblings. I enjoy writing, and would love my audience to grow and inspire me to improve my skills and write more.

That’s all for now! Part 3 in my Japan series is coming soon.

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