New Year, New Directions. . . Or Regroup and Restart

Where Ya Been?!

Happy New Year!

Since I last left y’all, sometime in July, my dad had passed away and I was in a weird place. I also changed jobs, Bambi totaled my car, bought a new-to-me truck to replace the car, and before all of that roller coaster I met my love, Teresa.

What’s New?

Not much has changed since July. At least as far as our travels go. If you noticed, we didn’t make it to Japan. I’m a little sad about it, but it probably just wasn’t the right time anyhow.

In September over Labor Day, Teresa and I took a long weekend trip to Pennsylvania for our birthdays. They’re only a couple days apart, so taking a long weekend trip over the holiday works out for us. I posted a blog and photos from the trip on my other site at We started our trip from Dayton, OH once I got off work and headed to Strasburg, PA. We stayed at a pretty cool Clarion hotel about a mile from the Strasburg Railroad and Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. We spent the night and hit the train ride and museum the next day. Once we finished with the museum, we headed to Altoona, PA to see the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum and Horseshoe Curve, after spending the night in a not so awesome motel a few miles away. After you visit Horseshoe Curve, and you haven’t gotten your fill of trains, Tunnel Hill is just a few miles away. If you’re a railfan, and have never been to any of these places, you must go!

Fast forward to November, we packed up the kids and headed to Milwaukee, WI for Trainfest, one of the nations largest train shows. Great show, a couple of the kids were spent a few hours in, so Teresa sat with them while my son and I finished the show. Once we were totally train-ed out, we left Milwaukee and drove to Rochelle, IL on the way home. Rochelle is the home of the Rochelle Railroad Park and a famous crossing where the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads cross each other. Lots of trains go by usually, so we hung out for a few hours before we had to head home so I could get to work that night.

Also, a side note, I’ve opened a new photography business back in October. It’s a complement to my original automotive photography, and concentrates more on weddings, portraits and event photos, as well as some of my landscape and travel photos.

Other than all of that, we haven’t really gone anywhere else. Just a lot of working, saving, spending for the holidays, financial regret, and now back to saving, haha!

What’s Next?

Now that the holidays are over, and things have calmed down a bit, the restarting process begins. What does this mean? Well, or major trip plan is for Walt Disney World in November, for about 10 days. Between now and then is going to be a lot of overtime on the weekends to make sure we don’t have disappointed kids.

The blog “might” get updates at least once a month. I tried keeping up with a weekly blog on my photography page, but I’ve run out of ideas for the past few weeks. Anyhow, I’d like to get back to writing trip plans, but bring it back to the continental US. I might also actually do what I said I was going to do last time, and do some posts about the local things in our hometown and state. We have a lot of cool things to do around here, so I’d have a ton to cover. And I want to reel it back and make things more camping and RV centered again. We’ll see though, especially since we don’t have an RV yet.

So, that’s where things are. I haven’t given up just yet. Just slowed waaayyy down.

Anyhow, I’m tired, I have the day job tonight and tons of hours of YouTubers to catch up on! Have a great day, and enjoy YOUR journey!

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