Consistently Inconsistent – How we roll apparently

So, the blog hasn’t been touched in a year, as you can see. How lame is that? It hasn’t been because we were traveling, that’s for sure. Or we would have been posting about our adventures! It’s honestly been a matter of life, Murphy, and work getting top priority.

But, spring is around the corner and we can’t wait for better weather. We have plans for weekend trips, we just need work schedules to match.

Future of the Blog

There are ideas for new posts floating around, even though some topics have been widely covered by many other people, I still want to write those posts, but just from our perspective.

Id love to say we’ll have something new at least once a week, but until some other things happen, that probably won’t be realistic. But, we’ll try!

One of the current topics we’ll have to share is purchasing an RV. I’ll have a post on that soon. We’re on the hunt and hope to purchase something before spring.

A second topic I’d like to try is Keto and Paleo friendly cooking and meal prep for RVer’s. I have tried a Paleo diet before and had great results, and Teresa is more of a Keto person because of her Crohn’s.

I’d like to do some gear talk, although that’s been beaten to death by hundreds of other bloggers and YouTubers. But, I’d like to give it a shot. I’m a photographer and a car guy, and Teresa loves kayaking, so we may have some posts on those things.

As RVers, we’re generally new, so we’d like to share our experiences with every failure and triumph. So, we’ll either nail it, or fail miserably!

And the final topic is trip planning, local attractions, and any of our trips we take this spring and summer. I can spend hours planning a trip, even if it’s something we can’t do for years.

What’s Next?

The next few posts, maybe a short series, will be the hunt and purchase of an RV. I’ll post what we’re looking for, needs and wants, and what we find.

So, until then, get your gear ready, spring is almost here! And for you lucky folks in warmer climates, enjoy your camping experience!

– John

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