What do the RV model numbers and letters mean?

In my time cruising through the internet forums, blogs, and Facebook groups, I have seen my fair share of RV model numbers, as I’m sure you have too.

But what do they all mean? Is it a secret code? Is it a phone number from the 1930s? Are they cheat codes for a video game?

Here is what I’ve either learned or made an educated guess. Take the educated part with a grain of salt though, HA!

The Numbers Game

A very rough and basic idea about the numbers in an RV model name would say that it’s referring to the length of the rig. While that’s not 100% accurate, it’s still a good guide to what you’re looking at.

For example, a Winnebago Voyage 2427RB is a 27’9” unit. In this case the second pair of numbers is the length.

Winnebago Voyage 2427RB Floorplan

But, this is where it’s not so accurate. In the same model line is the Voyage V3235RL. This trailer is 36’4”. Over 35’, but close.

Winnebago Voyage V3235RL Floorplan

But what about the first numbers in the model number? In these examples, and trying some different ideas, the closest I came up with is it is the first two numbers in the square footage with all the slides open. For example, the basic SF of the model above is 309sq.ft. with the slides in, using 36’4” multiplied by 8’6”. In this scenario, I could be way off.

Now, if you have a unit with a three-digit number, then that number is the square footage. Sometimes. Like a Keystone 288RLS, it’s a 32’ unit and 8’ wide. So it’s approximately 288sq.ft.

What do the letters mean?

The letters in a model are a little easier the decipher. Like the first example, the Voyage 2427RB is a rear bath model, as you can see from the floor plan. The 3033BH would be a bunkhouse model. And our Voyager V3235RL is a rear living room travel trailer.

Maybe you’re looking at something with an RKS in the model name. This is usually a rear kitchen with a slide out. The kitchen may or may not be in the slide, but it most likely.

Other examples and a more extensive explanation can be found on RV52.com on the”Understanding RV Model Names” page.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!

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