Columbus RV Show – Columbus, OH

My wife and I headed to the Columbus RV Show today to see some of the RVs some local dealers had to offer. This is actually a pretty small show, at least compared to the Dayton show. Unfortunately, the Dayton show was cancelled this year, but another was held at the Roberts Center in Wilmington, OH.

Both shows are put on by Good Sam/Camping World. So, I renewed our GS membership while we were there.

I didn’t take a lot of photos, because honestly, there wasn’t a lot there that “wowed” us. We did see one trailer that ticked a lot of our boxes though. A Heartland Pioneer DS320. Some things that we like that I think my wife hadn’t seen before were the triple bunks for our 3 kids and the bathroom that had an exterior door.

There was also an 80% off sale from Gander Outdoors. I walked through and found stuff I loved, but nothing we needed.

If you’re in the area and want to check out the show, they are open Sunday, 03/01/2020 until about 6. And if you renew your Good Sam membership, or start a new one, you get free entry into the show.

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