Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY

This weekend was one of our sons birthday. He’s now a teenager. Nooooooooooo!!! Too soon! It was also my moms birthday a week ago. So we wanted to do something special for them both.

As part of the celebration, we took the family to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio.

If you’re a fan of aquariums, this is one of the greats.

Here are some details:

  • It’s $27.99 for adults, and $19.99 for kids under 13. But, if you stop at a nearby Kroger you can get discount tickets.
  • Plan to spend about 3hrs here, if you do the basic stuff, including a 30min presentation about the sharks they have on display.
  • There are places where you can pet stingrays and sharks. The stingrays were like puppies wanting pets all day.
  • Parking is in a garage under the aquarium and was $5.00 for our 3hrs here.
  • There was no place that I could see RV parking, so if you can, camp close and drive in your tow vehicle.

You can find out more information on tickets, programs, special exhibits and other activities at

Here are some photos from our day!

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