Travel Advising

Research, Planning, and Booking

Coast and Trail Travels implements a Research, Planning, and Booking Fee. This fee applies once a client decides to engage our services as their travel expert and must be settled prior to the commencement of any research, planning, or booking activities. This fee starts with one to two travelers. Additionally, the fee may vary according to the trip's complexity.

  • Solo or Couple - Starts at $200.00
  • Each additional traveler - Starts at $50.00


Travel Consulting

Helping you plan your travel

Our travel consulting service caters to clients who prefer booking their own travel arrangements but seek comprehensive support from our skilled and knowledgeable travel advisor. We're here to ensure your trip planning experience is seamless and tailored to perfection.

  • $65.00 per hour

Travel Coaching

Discovering your WHY for travel

Our travel coaching service is designed to help clients delve into the depths of travel's who, what, why, and how. Why do you travel? What are your aspirations for your upcoming journey? Who has been your travel inspiration? These and many other questions will be explored in each session, broadening your perspective and equipping you for a transformative experience that reveals aspects of travel previously unimagined.

  • $100.00 per session
  • Multi Session packages available