We are looking for our RV. We keep going back and forth from a Class A, 5th wheel and a bus conversion. We were almost set to get a 5th wheel, but with the purchase of our new Pacifica, we’ll probably lean more towards a Class A motorhome and tow dolly.

Camera Gear

  • Apple iPhone 10 & 11 – Most quick photos are shot with our phones. The cameras on cell phones have improved dramatically, and they are great for snap shots and short video clips.
  • Sony A7II – A great entry level full frame body used for photos when I have the time to set up for more than an iPhone shot. I’ll eventually upgrade to the A7III and use the A7II for video. The lenses I’m currently using are the Sony 50mm f/1.8, and the Sony 28-70mm kit lens.
  • SJ Cam SJ4000 w/WiFi – All of my driving footage is filmed on this camera. For comparison, it’s similar to a GoPro Hero 4 Black. The SJ5000x is a newer, 4K version.
  • Sunpak 4300 Pro B Tripod – At some point I’ll be upgrading to a carbon fiber unit, but this one, for being really inexpensive has done well.
  • Godox TT685S and Godox trigger – This set up is excellent for an inexpensive speedlight for off camera flash.

Photo and Video Editing

All of the work I do is using the Adobe CC photography bundle with Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC, and video editing is handled by Adobe Premier Pro. When I don’t have access to my PC or laptop, I use the mobile versions.

More gear to come….