Treasury 1860


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Treasury 1860

As being the place to see and to be seen on a Friday night, Treasury 1860 is trendy and upmarket. In a terrifically restored South Australian Treasury building, this bar caters to a finance and government clientele, but it also serves breakfast and lunch, being open nearly all day long.

Bars & Nightlife

Bars and pubs can be found all over Adelaide, as drinking beer and wine is something of an Aussie national pastime. Many of these establishments are housed in fine historic buildings and also offer good local food. Nightlife in Adelaide is confined to certain streets, whereas some parts of the centre become quite deserted in the evening. The centres of the action are Hindley Street with its brasher and neon-lit strip and Rundle Street with its more bohemian pubs and bars. The beach suburb of Glenelg also has a lively and youthful scene both during the day and night.