Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY

This weekend was one of our sons birthday. He’s now a teenager. Nooooooooooo!!! Too soon! It was also my moms birthday a week ago. So we wanted to do something special for them both. As part of the celebration, we took the family to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River … Continue reading Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY

RVing – Ugh! Decisions, Decisions!

So many choices, so little time. On one hand, I wish there was a single, end all beat all RV that is perfect for what I want to do. Where I could walk in any dealer or RV show, tell someone "these are all of the things I'd like to do" and they could all … Continue reading RVing – Ugh! Decisions, Decisions!

RVing – Itching for an Airstream

If you read my last post about planning, you might remember I talked about wanting a bus to convert, and being pretty much dead set on it. But, I guess I'm not that set on it because I've been looking at Airstream's near me, mostly older models and ones that need some work so I … Continue reading RVing – Itching for an Airstream