Travel Coaching

If you are looking for more from your travels, try a Travel Coaching session!

Travel coaching is a service that provides travelers with expert guidance and support to enhance their travel experience. Travel coaching can offer a variety of benefits, including:

  1. Increased Confidence: Travel coaching can help individuals gain the confidence they need to explore new places and have new experiences. With a travel coach's support, travelers can feel more prepared and knowledgeable about the places they visit, which can boost their confidence levels.
  2. Improved Planning: A travel coach can assist individuals in planning their trips effectively. They can help travelers identify their goals, select destinations, plan their itinerary, and create a budget that aligns with their needs.
  3. Cultural Understanding: Travel coaching can provide individuals with a better understanding of the local culture, customs, and etiquette of the places they visit. This knowledge can help travelers make informed decisions and avoid unintentional cultural faux pas.
  4. Personalized Recommendations: Travel coaches can offer personalized recommendations for things to do, places to eat, and other activities based on the traveler's preferences and interests. This can help travelers make the most of their time and have a more enjoyable experience.
  5. Stress Reduction: Travel coaching can help reduce stress associated with travel planning and execution. By having a knowledgeable expert to assist with travel-related tasks, travelers can feel more relaxed and confident during their trip.

In conclusion, travel coaching can offer a range of benefits to travelers, including increased confidence, improved planning, cultural understanding, personalized recommendations, and stress reduction. By utilizing the services of a travel coach, individuals can enhance their travel experience and make the most of their trips.

One-Time 1:1 Coaching Session - $75.00

A one-time session, via video call, for a minimum of 1 hour. If you find these sessions helpful, you have the option to continue booking sessions by the hour or choose a prepaid six or twelve-month block.

Six Month Session Block - $900.00

A six month prepaid block of 1:1 one hour sessions, via video call. This block covers 12-14 bi-weekly sessions.

Twelve Month Session Block - $1600.00

A twelve month prepaid block of 1:1 one hour sessions, in-person or via video call. This block covers 24 bi-weekly one hour sessions.